Saturday, February 11, 2012

Decorate your Living Room

Decorating your living room there are just few things to decide but these few things can be really difficult to chose. this article can be long and boring but it will surely help you with decorating your room. you should start with what kind of theme do you want and then chose colors remember you should chose from three to five colors and no more and colors should not be to apart from each other.
Decorating your living room starts with your walls, chose a lighter color becouse with lighter color your room will look wider and light will reflect more so you will not feel that walls are closing into you after a while. Remember don't put paint decorations or squiggles on wall if you really want to shop for your furniture and decorations fisrt then chose a smallest area or corner and chose a design matching to your Furniture and decor and if you are putting a wall designing then you should not buy so many things of decoration.

when it's come to shopping there are so many thing that you really love but you have to be hard on your self and stick to your theme. Painting your walls with lighter color have another benafit you can change your theme any time so if you don't find any thing that fit to your budget or taste you can easly change your theme without any problem. Except one that you have to go over evrey thing again.
Chose care fully take measurements of your room before you leave. When choosing your sofas be carefull don't buy sofas which have big design on the sides and no sitting area or in which you get stuck in, remember that you are decorating your living room so you will be spending lots of time there so don't buy everything which seem pretty, because you will get tired after some time because it will not be comfortable enough. now its time to buy the center table.
Center table's size is the only thing you should worry about if your room is big then you can chose any size you want but if it's a small room you should buy smaller table. you can also put some small tables on the corner or at the end of your sofas.
Curtains are some thing that you can't wash every day so try choosing the color which won't  get dirty so soon. buying double layered dark and light curtains are best thing to do because they can give you some privacy and you can control the light of your room. if there is not enough source of natural light in your room put some extra ceiling lights.
Decorations should not be so much, it can make your room look like a mess and center table decorations should not be some thing that can fall all the time try putting those things on the corners which are long and can fall with just a breeze. For center something which is not so big and smaller in length. balance your decorations don't buy every thing same size if you are putting a TV table and a TV just put one decoration on it not more. Putting a large wall clock can be really nice and if you have a really big room then put a large wall clock so people wont ask you where is the time.
Different themes have different demands.i put some images below. Images of different already designed room can really help you with choosing themes and colors.
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