Friday, February 10, 2012

New unique Basket hair style

whether you want to go to life special event prom or just a Party or Marriage ceremoney .you want to do something different.something that high light you in others and present you as a creative art loving person.sometime you have time to spare but no idea.This hairstyle is best for those times.

Time it takes
8 to 10 minute if you are an expert in making hairstyles
10 to 15 minutes if someone else do it on you (not expert)
take upto 15 to 25 minutes if
you do it yourself and has no expertise in making a style

Here are three videos on how to basically make these kind of hairstyes  Continue Reading

   video tutorial of partieas hairstyle

video tutorial of partieas hairstyle

you can make the same Hairstyles or you can make your own

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